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Written on:January 31, 2012
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Mac News: Convert AIFF to M4A Directly in Mac OS X Easily & For Free
Using Mac OS X’s powerful built-in media encoding tools, large AIFF audio files can be quickly and easily converted to compressed high quality M4A audio, ready for use on in iTunes or an iPod, iPhone, or elsewhere.
No additional downloads or software is required, the media encoding tools are free and bundled in Mac OS X since Lion. They should be available by default, but you can enable the media encoders if they aren’t visible in contextual menus for you.
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Technology News: IBM Buys HTML5 App Development Company WorkLight For $70M To Expand Mobile Enterprise Services
IBM just announced the purchase of WorkLight, an Israeli startup that provides a mobile app development and infrastructure software. IBM says the acquisition will help expand the enterprise mobile capabilities it offers to clients. Financial terms were not disclosed but we’ve heard that the acquisition price is around $70 million, according to Israeli publication Calcalist.
WorkLight, which has raised $18 million in funding, allows organizations develop and deliver HTML5, hybrid and native applications with, and deliver these applications with mobile middleware, security features and integrated data management and analytics. Worklight dramatically reduces time to market, cost and complexity while enabling better customer and employee user experiences across more devices.
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Programming News: Why External Links Should Open in New Tabs
When most designers design websites, they don’t pay much attention to links. As long as the link works and takes users to the right page, everything is fine. However, a great user experience goes further than that. There are certain links that should open in new browser tabs, and ones that should open in the same browser tab. It’s important for designers to know the difference. Browser Tabs Have Changed Everything! Back then, many people frowned upon opening links in new windows. New windows were hard for users to manage. But the introduction of browser tabs have changed this. Instead of opening up new windows, you can now open links in new tabs. The big difference here is that browser tabs are easier for users to manage than browser windows.
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Standards News: New ISO brochure focuses on force multipliers of ICT standards innovation
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has just published a new brochure providing a concise overview of how information and communication technologies (ICT) standards can be a force multiplier for achieving positive results. It focuses on the work developed by the joint technical committee of ISO and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology.
Information and communication technologies (ICT) pervade all sectors of economic activity and the daily lives of most people worldwide (business, industry, home, administration, education, charity, etc.). They are key components of economic growth, offering significant employment. The effectiveness and growth of the ICT industry are determined by the ability of the component parts to “talk” to each other – to interoperate.
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