In the News: 2012-02-02

Written on:February 2, 2012
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Mac News: Get 20% off iTunes eGift cards at Best Buy (Digital Delivery) today until 7PM ET
Today only, until 7 pm ET, Best Buy takes 20% off iTunes eGift Cards, as listed below. At up to $20 off and no shipping, each is tied with our mention from four weeks ago and at or near the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Sales tax is added where applicable. The gift cards will be emailed for redemption so those overseas with US iTunes accounts can take part.
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Technology News: Facebook IPO: What you need to know
What is an IPO? And why is Facebook doing it?
IPO stands for initial public offering — initial because it’s the first sale of shares by a private company to the public. Up to now, Facebook has been owned by a group of private investors — with Microsoft and former Napster founder Sean Parker among them. By filing for an IPO it’s giving Joe Public the chance to own his very own slice of ZuckVille.
How much of Facebook is up for grabs is uncertain at this point, as Zuck & co haven’t specified exactly how many shares are being offered or the price per share — what they have said is they hope to raise $5bn. Analysts are speculating the total proposed value of Facebook is between $75bn and $100bn.
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Programming News: Why do programmers work at night?
According to some saying, the programmers are human devices that convert caffeine into the programming code :)
If you ask any programmer when the most productive time to work, most likely that will be the night time. Someone may start earlier, somebody else could start later, and some people prefer to go to bed at 4 am. However, the most popular one to get up at 4 am and do the job before the daily turmoil will start.
The purpose of all this is to get rid of distractions during the day. What is so special about the night?
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Standards News: ISO/DS handbook demystifies geometrical product specifications
ISO and Danish Standards (DS – ISO member for the country) have jointly published a handbook on geometrical product specifications (GPS) for which nearly 120 ISO standards provide a globally harmonized base for technical drawing, with benefits for manufacturing and trade.
The ISO Geometrical Product Specifications Handbook – Find your way in GPS, is authored by Dr. Henrik S. Nielsen, Chair of ISO technical committee ISO/TC 213, which develops GPS standards with the participation of ISO national member bodies in 23 countries.
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