In the News: 2012-02-10

Written on:February 10, 2012
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Mac News: Little Snitch vs. Hands Off: Which Monitoring Utility is Better?
We live in a world where protecting our privacy isn’t just a matter of principle. Letting your personal information get exposed can harm you financially if your credit card information is obtained, and your credit rating can be damaged if someone steals your identity. Your emails and chat messages can contain sensitive information that you want to ensure only go to their intended recipients.
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Technology News: Manual Typewriters, the Original Mobile Devices
I love manual typewriters, so much so that I am writing this blog post on one. Well, actually, I wrote the first draft on one. It turns out that there isn’t a WordPress plugin for my Remington Noiseless Portable.
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Programming News: Literate Programmingf
Donald Knuth cleverly imprisoned the phrase “Literate Programming” – if you’re not documenting your source with his particular methodology then you must be a proponent of “Illiterate Programming,” which sounds truly awful.
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Standards News: No jolts! Safe electric cars thanks to ISO standard
Just how safe are electric cars? Do you risk an electric shock? To respond to these fears, ISO has updated a standard on safety features in electric and hybrid cars to prevent electricity-related injuries. ISO 6469-3:2011, Electrically propelled road vehicles – Safety specifications – Part 3: Protection of persons against electric shock, will assist the emerging worldwide market for electric cars.
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