In the News: 2012-02-11

Written on:February 11, 2012
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Mac News: Scrawl: Notetaking Made Simple Again
The app market sure isn’t short on note-taking apps. From Notational Velocity to Evernote, you have pretty much any kind of note-taking that you would ever want or need. They all have different gimmicks or features, and some work better for some people than they do for others. However, none of them are really as simple to learn and use as the app that we are reviewing today.
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Technology News: Amyris Gives Up Making Biofuels
In its early years, biotech company Amyris described itself as a start-up “applying its proprietary breakthrough technologies to address major global health and energy challenges.” Its originally planned to make an anti-malaria drug, as well as renewable diesel and jet fuel, by feeding sugar to genetically-engineered microorganisms. Having spun off the anti-malaria technology to another company in 2008, yesterday Amyris said it’s giving up making fuels too. Instead, it will to focus on higher value products, such as moisturizers for cosmetics.
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Programming News: That’s Not Agile!
If you work with a bunch of agile minded developer’s, you often hear the phrase “That’s not Agile!” It’s quite humorous to hear, because it comes up all the time. Recently I have been reading Andy Hunt’s books and I find them very insightful. The latest book I am reading is “Practices of An Agile Developer”, which he co-authored along with Venkat Subramanium. At the beginning of each section they place a little quote which represents a “devilish” thought. They are entertaining to read, so I thought I would pick out some of my favorite and post them along with my thoughts. If you are agile minded like myself, you will certainly think “That’s not Agile!”
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