In the News: 2012-02-27

Written on:February 27, 2012
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Mac News: Wunderkit Finally Hits the Mac
If you spend any time at all with your nose in the realm of productivity software (and you know we do), then you’re probably aware of the splash that 6Wunderkinder made when they finally opened their super-secret new web app, Wunderkit, to public beta just a mere few weeks ago. By building on the success of Wunderlist (which many would agree is one of the most refined task-list managers on the market thus far), 6Wunderkinder designed a highly anticipated platform that has the potential to change the way we organize our life.
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Technology News: Do we need another mobile OS? Mozilla thinks so
For the last year, Mozilla has been looking to build a mobile operating system as part of its “Boot to Gecko” project. Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the first fruits of that effort appeared, with the news of a partnership with Spanish operator Telefonica to build out a new generation of handsets that have web technologies at the core.
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Programming News: Best Online Tools to Make Simple HTML5 Coding
HTML which stands for Hypertext mark-up language is supposed to be the main language for web pages. Hence the purpose of a web browser is to read the HTML documents and then compose them into either audible or visible websites.
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Other News: RIAA (sort of) responds to SOPA critics, says copyright “offers little real protection”
Cary Sherman, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), must have a mild masochistic streak. On February 8, he penned a badly-received New York Times op-ed in which he invited Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) opponents to “respectful, fact-based conversations”—after accusing them of “demagoguery,” “misinformation,” “dirty tricks,” “hyperbolic mistruths,” “hypocrisy,” and “supporting foreign criminals selling counterfeit pharmaceuticals to Americans.”
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