In the News: 2012-03-03

Written on:March 3, 2012
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Mac News: Apple’s App Store breaks the 25 billion downloads mark
At some point during the past few hours the 25 billionth app was downloaded from the Apple App Store. If you were the lucky one that downloaded the 25 billionth app then Apple has a special thank you for you in the form of a $10,000 gift card.
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Technology News: Oolone: A visual search engine designed by a London neuroscientist
With Google ruling the roost, Bing sitting in the wings as a viable alternative, and the once-mighty Yahoo! still there for those that want it, you could be forgiven for thinking that the search engine market is, well, covered. Indeed, surely any attempt to disrupt this is destined to fail? But that certainly doesn’t stop people from trying.
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Programming News: Every software project I’ve worked on has used the “Spanish Theory” of project management, and its likely yours have too
The “Spanish Theory” says that management’s job is to extract the maximum resources (= developer effort) from the smallest amount of money (= developer salary). In practice what this often means for the developer is unpaid overtime (also known as “crunch time”), something very familiar to game developers, and also common in traditional software development, as the project nears its deadline.
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Other News: Yelp, Twitter & Apple’s Anti-Google Coalition
Om Malik wrote a post today called What do Yelp and Twitter have in common? I thought that was a pretty interesting question, so I read the post. It turned out to be something about back-stabbing Silicon Valley dealsmanship. I don’t know anything about that stuff, but I was disappointed. I was thinking of something else.
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