In the News: 2012-03-16

Written on:March 16, 2012
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Mac News: iCloud, Not the New iPad, is Apple’s Real Key to the Post-PC Revolution
Apple’s new iPad goes on sale today. People – already lined up around the world – will likely buy more than a million of them this weekend, and tens of millions this year. And there will be much talk about Apple’s “post-PC” revolution.
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Technology News: How Iceland Is Rebuilding Its Economy With Social Media
While visiting Iceland for an online marketing conference last week, I found myself in the president of Iceland’s living room, scratching my head at how welcoming and eager he was to talk about the country’s use of social media and technology to rebuild the nation.
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Programming News: The confusing language around programming languages
With the rise in the importance of technology in everyday life, a certain amount of technical vocabulary has slipped into common language – words such as URL, spam and MP3 are understood by most readers, even if the detail of the underlying concept is not. But as with any specialist subject, we can’t expect everybody to understand the vocabulary of our domain.
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Other News: Apple Is Now Bigger Than The Entire US Retail Sector…
File this one under the “check back in 10 years” folder. This is a stat that will blow your mind. Apple’s market cap is now bigger than the ENTIRE U.S. retail sector.
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