In the News: 2012-03-22

Written on:March 22, 2012
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Mac News: Can the iPad sustain 150% yearly growth?
There is a precedent: iPhone sales have doubled, on average, every year since 2007. The chief difference between the independent analysts who follow Apple (AAPL) and their counterparts on Wall Street is that the independents put a premium on being right.
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Technology News: Microsoft drops lawsuit and ITC complaint against TiVo over video technology patents
Having originally sued and initiated a complaint to the ITC against the maker of the popular TiVo boxes, Microsoft has dropped all of its litigation against the company, ending threats of a ban that could have seen its set-top boxes from being imported to the US and being sold domestically.
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Programming News: Ember.js: Rich Web Applications Done Right
Ember.js sprung out of the SproutCore project. For those who don’t know what SproutCore is, it is a JavaScript Model-View-Controller framework that enables you to write rich internet applications with a desktop-like feel, both in regards to the application being developed as well as to its source code.
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Other News: HP shareholders question why company isn’t more like Apple
During the Q&A session of Hewlett Packard’s annual shareholder meeting, individuals grilled CEO Meg Whitman on why the company isn’t as innovative and successful as Silicon Valley neighbor and rival Apple.
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