In the News: 2012-03-23

Written on:March 23, 2012
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Mac News: iPhone beating BlackBerry in Canada shows how bad RIM is broken
Research in Motion has lost its home field advantage in Canada to Apple for the first time ever, another sign that RIM is almost hopelessly broken when it comes to smartphone innovation.
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Technology News: CIOs fear business leaders see cloud as way to circumvent IT
Seventy two per cent of CIOs believe their business sees cloud computing as a way to circumvent IT, according to research conducted by research firm Forrester Consulting.
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Programming News: Rich page layout with HTML and CSS3
Complex layout has long been a primary concern of print media. The physical constraints imposed on publications such as magazines and newspapers has caused them to invent rather complex flow layouts where content can span multiple columns and weave its way around pictures and charts. And it has to do this dynamically as content is added and altered during the type setting process. Adobe seeks to bring this level of layout control to the web via W3C proposals for a CSS Regions Module and a CSS Exclusions Module.
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Standards News: Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) becomes an ISO standard
Have you accessed or modified the data embedded in a file today? Even if you have not, there is a good chance you did recently. This is because the XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) for tagging information electronically has become part of the digital document landscape of today and a new ISO standard will allow users to have a thorough understanding of the XMP data model.
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