In the News: 2012-03-24

Written on:March 24, 2012
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Mac News: Hate the new Apple TV interface? So did Steve Jobs
A former Apple TV engineer has revealed that the user interface implemented in the device’s latest update was actually rejected by Steve Jobs five years ago – a potential sign that cracks are beginning to appear in Apple’s design dominance.
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Technology News: What Does the Future Hold for Tablet Devices?
Technology geeks across the world are happily devouring the new iPad. Even though the newest iteration has some nice features, such as a better camera and a retina display, it isn’t revolutionary.
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Programming News: Building Backbone.js Apps With Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB and Haml
In this post we’re going to explore writing Backbone.js applications with a Ruby back-end. To assist with this, we’re going to use Sinatra – a DSL (domain specific language) for rapidly creating web applications in Ruby. Similar to the section in Backbone Fundamentals on writing an application with Node.js, our server-side language (Ruby) will be used to power an API whilst Backbone.js will be the client consuming it.
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Other News: Beep boop beep
Marketers, when they hit, can identify the seed of a product, service or organization and plant it in fertile soil where it will grow like mad. They can tease out the implications of the object they’re charged with publicizing or find the motif that others are most likely to riff on. But when they fail, they can fail in the most mortifying fashion. All around the country, the marketing staff at live performance spaces big and small are embracing the “youthquake” in the grooviest way I’ve seen in years. They are offering up “tweet seats” to the kids.
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