In the News: 2012-03-25

Written on:March 25, 2012
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Mac News: How To Receive And Open Attachments Of Any Type In iMessage On iPhone And iPod touch
One of the most favored update to be implemented into a new build of iOS has to be Apple’s iMessaging system that came bundled with iOS 5 back in October 2011. The iMessage service is Apple’s messaging experience on iOS devices, working across the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and soon to be officially supported by the Messages app as part of the new OS X Mountain Lion operating system coming this summer. The service allows all iOS 5 users to send unlimited messages over a data or Wi-Fi connection to other iMessage users and is bundled as part of the native Messages app.
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Technology News: Buying a Coal-Powered Car
I’d read all the news stories about NHTSA-induced fires, laughed at all the jokes, and watched Newt Gingrich claim that “You can’t put a gun rack in a Chevy Volt.” (Wrong.) But I also read “Car Guys vs. Bean Counters” by Bob Lutz, who knows more about the automobile business than anyone alive… and who proudly declares himself to be the father of the Chevy Volt. And I read his defenses of the Volt against right-wing smears here and here and here.
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Programming News: Faster than C
Judging the performance of programming languages, usually C is called the leader, though Fortran is often faster. New programming languages commonly use C as their reference and they are really proud to be only so much slower than C. Few language designer try to beat C. What does it take for a language to be faster than C?
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Other News: Senators ask feds to investigate employers who ask for Facebook passwords
Two U.S. senators are asking the Attorney General to investigate claims that employers are asking workers to submit personal Facebook login information as part of the job. We first heard about this strange new trend last week. Apparently, there are some human resources professionals that ask applicants to hand over Facebook login credentials, which includes their user names, passwords, and security questions. Others have simply asked workers to log into their Facebook accounts on a company computer to comb through their accounts later, or ask their workers to add them as a friend on the social network to gain access to their profiles. Many people don’t want to push back against the requests for fear of being fired, or not getting a job they’re seeking.
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