In the News: 2012-03-27

Written on:March 27, 2012
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Mac News: 87% Of iPhone 4S Owners Are Still Using Siri At Least Once A Month
For some iPhone 4S users, Siri is a novelty that quickly wears off within a week or two of unwrapping the handset. But believe it or not, 87% of iPhone 4S users are still using the intelligent assistant at least once a month, according to a new study. Not many of them are using it to its full potential, however.
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Technology News: How Linus Torvalds Helped Bust a Microsoft Patent
Linus Torvalds just can’t help but be a thorn in Microsoft’s side. First, he created an open source project that completely upset Microsoft’s business model. And now, he has helped shoot down an important Microsoft patent in Redmond’s crusade to wring licensing dollars out of Google Android and other versions of Linux.
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Programming News: Back to basics: how to code an HTML5 template
Markup is a beautiful thing, and it certainly has changed over the years. What was effectively HTML1, has certainly progressed to an amazing semantic markup language, to which we can largely thank the W3C. And, what do ya know, the next thing to thank them for has come about – HTML5.
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Standards News: Turning waste into gold with new ISO standard for environmental management accounting
How to increase productivity while reducing environmental impact? A new ISO standard does just that, by helping business cut costs linked to waste and emissions and enhancing their environmental performance.
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