In the News: 2012-04-06

Written on:April 6, 2012
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Mac News: Favs: All Your Social Favorites In One Place
So you’re quickly browsing through your Facebook or Twitter feed, taking a short break from work, when you find an interesting article or video that you know is bound to be a huge time-suck. You don’t really want to look it up later when you aren’t busy because you know you’ll forget to do it. You also don’t want to read it or see it right there because you don’t want to get too distracted or you’re not in the right situation for it.
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Technology News: Expect More Companies to Serve Up Forked Android Devices
Now that Amazon has proven with its Kindle Fire that a non-Google Android device can succeed at market, other companies are lining up to follow its lead. Indeed, word on the street is that we’ll see a major smartphone released before the end of the year running a modified version of Android not sanctioned by Google.
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Programming News: An Introduction to Software Quality
In two recent papers, David Chappell, Principal of Chappell & Associates, outlines the different aspects of software quality – functional, structural, and process-, the groups of people directly interested in quality –users, developers, and sponsors-, and the outcome of defects in externally or internally facing software over time.
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Other News: Audio of Gregg Williams urging Saints to injure Niners in 2011 emerges
On Thursday morning, some disturbing new information about the Saints bounty scandal came to light, as actual audio of a Gregg Williams pregame speech popped up on the Internet.
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