In the News: 2012-04-14

Written on:April 14, 2012
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Mac News: How To Use Ink: Your Mac’s Built-In Handwriting Recognition Feature
Chances are pretty good that up until now, you had no idea that there is a built-in application on Macs that is capable of pretty decent handwriting recognition. The application, called Inkwell, is built into the Mac operating system and is shown only if you have a graphics tablet plugged into your computer.
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Technology News: Raspberry Pi, a computer the price of a textbook is shipping now
The much hyped and eagerly awaited Raspberry Pi — a $35 computer the size of a credit card — is finally moving out of the testing room and into consumers’ hands.
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Programming News: Paper, Manifestos and Why You Need One to Be Great at Anything
Manifesto is kind of an old fashioned word. I started flirting with it because of Paper (the app). I’ve been a little obsessed with Paper, both the product and the process that made it.
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Other News: Microsoft vs.Facebook – Who got the better bang for their billion?
April 9th, 2012 will go down in shopping history as the day the software gods emptied the coffers to preserve mobile market share with two very disparate strategies. While both companies were acting in large part to block competitors, their moves couldn’t have been further apart when it comes to valuing ideas over users. Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram, a photo app with zero intellectual property, while Microsoft paid $1 billion for a portfolio of 800 patents related to email and IM. Why are these valuations so high and what do patents have to do with it? The answer, as so many answers do, begins with Google.
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