In the News: 2012-04-17

Written on:April 17, 2012
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Mac News: Happy 35th birthday, Apple II
Harry McCracken has a nice write up on the debut, evolution and legacy of the Apple II (or, ][ as I like to call it). The Apple II was unveiled 35 years ago, and it ushered in the home computing revolution.
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Technology News: New Technology Allows Better Extreme Weather Forecasts

After the deafening roar of a thunderstorm, an eerie silence descends. Then the blackened sky over Joplin, Mo., releases the tentacles of an enormous, screaming multiple-vortex tornado. Winds exceeding 200 miles per hour tear a devastating path three quarters of a mile wide for six miles through the town, destroying schools, a hospital, businesses and homes and claiming roughly 160 lives.
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Programming News: The 10 Most Underused ActiveRecord::Relation Methods
Knee-deep in ActiveRecord::Relation code yesterday, I was reminded of some interesting nuggets that I’ve seen used far too rarely. Here, I’ve gathered my top ten most underused relation methods from that list for your reading delight.
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Other News: NASA deems SpaceX Dragon worthy of the ISS, locks in April 30th launch date
A month ago to the day, SpaceX informed us all that it was aiming to launch its Dragon spacecraft skyward on April 30th, and rendezvous with the ISS a few days later. Now NASA’s finally finished its flight readiness review and has given Elon Musk’s capsule the green light to hit that launch window.
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