In the News: 2012-04-24

Written on:April 24, 2012
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Mac News: Send text, files from Mac to iOS via Messages
Sometimes you want to send a file, URL, text snippet, or image from your Mac to your iPhone (or vice versa). I generally use email for this purpose, but Mac OS X Hints reader NaOH-Lye found another method (via MacDrifter): Use Messages.
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Technology News: Don’t Look Now, But Vidyo Is Messing Up the Videoconferencing Business
It’s been about almost a year since I declared that the videoconferencing business was about to get interesting, and it has, due in no small part to the trouble that the New Jersey-based start-up Vidyo has caused its entrenched rivals.
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Programming News: Modern Web Development
The blog post is the first in a series of posts that attempts to outline what a modern web development toolchain looks like and how to use the best-of-breed tools for efficient, effective development. Part two will outline how to use to set up your Terminal, zsh, and vim.
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Standards News: See that? New ISO standard for spectacle frames
Do you wear glasses? Then you know the importance of having frames that are comfortable, will not break or deform or cause unwanted allergic reactions (e.g. through nickel release). To ensure that glasses manufactured everywhere in the world are safe to use, ISO has developed a standard outlining fundamental requirements for spectacles frames.
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