In the News: 2012-05-01

Written on:May 1, 2012
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Mac News: 91% of moms want Apple iPads over flowers for Mother’s Day has conducted a Mother’s Day Survey that found some interesting results …    
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Technology News: Young File-Sharers Respond To Tough Laws By Buying a VPN   
A new survey has revealed that young people are responding to tough legislation and increasing levels of online spying by investing in VPN services. The study, carried out by the Cybernorms research group at Sweden’s Lund University, found that when compared to figures from late 2009, 40% more 15 to 25-year-olds are now hiding their activities online.  
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Programming News: On RESTful API Standards – Just Be Cool   
There are many articles floating around the internet right now about defining RESTful API standards. I’m guessing this is because Ruby on Rails makes it so easy to build an API that everyone and their mom has started building one. These articles talk about the RFC on HTTP and how REST should fit in. They outline how current implementations are “broken” and want to come up with certain “standards” for governing how a RESTful API should work.    
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Other News: Uh oh – patent troll acquires digital imaging patents from Polaroid   
Acacia Research Corporation, a renowned patent troll we’ve mentioned in the past, this morning announced that one of its subsidiaries has acquired patents covering digital imaging and related technologies that were originally issued to Polaroid.    
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