In the News: 2012-05-02

Written on:May 2, 2012
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Mac News: iPad for Academics: setup, workflow, and accessories   
With the rise of iPads in education continuing at a steady pace, it only seems natural to find ways to replace PC-dependent methods of academic work. Over the past year, I have tasked myself with replacing traditional education methods with the functionality of my iPad, from reading textbooks to taking lecture notes. Only recently have I taken the ultimate challenge: completing an entire research paper using only Apple’s groundbreaking tablet, from conception to submission.    
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Technology News: 64% of people think cloud storage is risky, but 45% still go right ahead and use it   
Nearly half of those polled at Infosec Europe last week reported that they use cloud storage services such as Dropbox, but an even bigger number think such services potentially open up security holes.    
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Programming News: Creating a RESTful Web Service: XML Metadata   
Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) is the Java EE standard for mapping POJOs to a relational database. In this example we will use JPA to interact with our database data we set up in part 1.  In the previous post we specified the mapping metadata as annotations.  This post will demonstrate how to specify the same metadata as XML.    
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Other News: Bing Strips Down Results Page To Make Google Look Like “Search Overload”   
While Google keeps cramming its search results pages full of tools and social content, today Bing confirmed with me the full roll out a redesigned search results page that completely clears the left sidebar, and replaces the tabbed header with a cleaner set of links. Bing’s Facebook integration is also more subtle now, instead of plastering names and faces beneath Liked results.    
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