In the News: 2012-05-03

Written on:May 3, 2012
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Mac News: UK MPs to get iPads in £200,000+ scheme   
Westminster has no doubt that a iPad can replace a laptop. MPs are getting their laptops upgraded to iPads at a cost to the taxpayer of at least £200,000. All 650 MPs will be eligible, although to qualify for the iPad they need to hand in their old laptop or computer. As a result the cost will be offset by around $50,000. The old laptops will then be passed on to staff in the House Service.    
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Technology News: Most computer users unsure about social media safety, report says   
Even though there are 800 million users on Facebook, many of them might be more scared than we’d expect when it comes to the safety of their information on that social network and others. A new report from IT security solutions provider Avira found that four out of five users are worried about their personal information being stolen or misused on social media sites.    
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Programming News: Privacy policy guidelines and Template for web apps   
Releasing an app is much more than just coding it. You are providing a service to people and they trust you with their data. With the amount of reports of apps “calling home” and storing and sending your data to third parties without your consent rising it is important to make it plain and obvious what you do. An easy to understand and plain Privacy Policy is not only a good service but it can make it easier for investors and users to choose your product over another.    
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Other News: Target will stop selling Amazon’s Kindle e-readers   
Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said Wednesday that the decision to stop selling Kindles this spring came after an “ongoing review” of Target’s merchandise that evaluates quality and prices of the chain’s offerings. The move coincides with the discounter’s plan to create mini shops of Apple products in 25 of its stores this year.    
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