In the News: 2012-05-16

Written on:May 16, 2012
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Mac News: Apple TV could make ESPN another trick in its bag   
ESPN’s network executive Sean Bratches said on Tuesday that the sports network would be interested in working with Apple to bring a version of the WatchESPN app to ESPN subscribers with the Apple TV. ESPN is the most-watched sports network in America, and a deal with the company could bring more users to one of Apple’s more timid products.    
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Technology News: NVIDIA virtualizes the GPU for streamed desktops and cloud gaming   
NVIDIA this week unveiled an ambitious plan to solidify the GPU’s place in high-performance computing, while bringing the blazingly fast graphics processing units to the worlds of virtualized desktops and streaming video games.    
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Programming News: Why REST Keeps Me Up At Night   
With respect to Web APIs, the industry has clearly and emphatically landed on REST as the standard way to implement these services. And for good reason… REST, which is generally implemented as a one-size-fits-all solution, is an excellent choice for a most companies who wish to expose their content to third parties, mobile app developers, partners, internal teams, etc. There are many tomes about what REST is and how best to implement it, so I won’t go into detail here.    
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Other News: Here’s What Could Kill Facebook   
Facebook is nearing a billion users, but what could topple the big blue giant? Government intervention, the shift to mobile, and a loss of “cool” all have the power to violently disrupt the social network, or at least cause it to lose its strong grip on the market.    
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