In the News: 2012-05-17

Written on:May 17, 2012
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Mac News: The 4 inch iPhone   
If Apple changes to a 4-inch screen in the next iPhone (iPhone 5,1), how could they do it while minimizing impact on users and developers? Assuming everyone wants a bigger screen, how does Apple implement it without breaking existing applications, causing backwards compatibility problems, and otherwise fragmenting the platform and frustrating stakeholders? Let’s try to figure that out.    
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Technology News: Are Twitter and Facebook changing the way we complain?   
Is social media the new battleground on which individuals air their grievances about big companies? A sense of lonely rage, after being mistreated by a big company, is a feeling many can relate to. Rudeness, poor service or inexplicable disruptions announced by unswervingly unapologetic staff – sometimes minor injustices are the ones that rankle the most.    
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Programming News: Web First for Mobile   
My mobile performance research focuses on mobile web. I don’t analyze native apps. Why? I believe in the openness of the Web. I don’t like being forced to use a proprietary technology stack. I don’t like signing legal documents. I don’t like having to be approved by someone. Although I don’t write commercial apps, I don’t want the people who follow my work to have to pay a share of their revenue to a gatekeeper.    
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Standards News: ISO standards and Rio+20 – brochure updated with user referrals   
ISO has just released a second edition of its brochure for the upcoming Rio+20 summit* now including referrals from users and stakeholders on how voluntary ISO International Standards help to achieve the objective of sustainability. The new edition of the brochure, Rio+20. Forging action from agreement – How ISO standards translate good intentions about sustainability into concrete results, includes quotes from standards users worldwide, ranging from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, and from the public sector.    
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