In the News: 2012-05-25

Written on:May 25, 2012
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Apple News: New Apple patents show ‘iPen’ stylus for iPad, iPhone   
Patently Apple reports that one of Apple’s new patent filings shows that the company is thinking of creating a stylus that uses haptics, a technology that Apple has filed patents for before. The advanced haptics in the iPen would allow the user to feel brush strokes, line thicknesses and more.    
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Technology News: SecureKey lands $30 million from Intel, Visa, Mastercard and others   
SecureKey, a Toronto, Canada-based security solutions company, has secured $30 million in a financing round led by Intel Capital. New strategic investors who participated in the funding round were Visa, MasterCard, Discover Financial Services, Rogers Venture Partners and TELUS.    
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Programming News: Ackermann’s Function   
In the 1920s, Wilhelm Ackermann demonstrated a computable function that was not primitive-recursive, settling an important argument in the run-up to the theory of computation.    
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Standards News: ISO standard widens travel horizons for the blind   
Signs are useful in providing information, identification and directions for travelers, but conventional signage is of little use to the blind or the visually impaired. How can the same information be conveyed to the blind or the vision-impaired and how to ensure that the design and installation are identical from one country to the next?    
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