In the News: 2012-08-18

Written on:August 18, 2012
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Mac News: OS X: The Best OS for Writing   
Macs may be used by everyone from NASA to the White House, but they can’t shake the perception that they’re designer goods. People readily accept that Macs are good for creatives, but not for real business work, no matter how many times they’ve been proven to simply be great computers for anyone that cares about a good computing experience.    
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Technology News: Electric cars could recharge in mere minutes with new technology   
Fast charging electric cars could become reality due to research at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in Korea. The scientists say their technology enables lithium-ion batteries to recharge at 30 to 120 times faster than current lithium-ion batteries.    
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Programming News: NoSql and a Life Without Schema   
NoSql is not a replacemente for SQL databases, but it is a valid alternative for a lot of situations where standard SQL is not the best approach to store your data. Since we were taught that whenever you need to store data on a “data store” and you need to query that data for retrieval, SQL is the best solution, you have only to decide what Sql Engine to use and the game is done.    
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Other News: AT&T Will Not Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular, On One Condition   
It’s confirmed: according to an official statement posted on MacRumors, AT&T will not be charging subscribers extra fees for using the upcoming FaceTime over Cellular feature. But, unsurprisingly, there’s a catch: subscribers will have to be on any of AT&T’s Mobile Share plans in order to use said feature at no additional cost.    
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