In the News: 2012-09-13

Written on:September 13, 2012
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Mac News: Apple can pick its moment to re-invent music again
Apple did not announce a subscription iTunes access model – which has been mooted by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times – along with iPhones and iPods on Wednesday. And that’s just fine. Such a move, when it happens, will redefine the industry forever – but Apple, and music, can afford to wait.
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Technology News: FCC defends its “trojan horse” approach to net neutrality
Almost two years ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a lite version of network neutrality in its “Open Internet” order. That order is now under legal attack from Verizon, which argues that it exceeds the agency’s authority. Congress has never explicitly given the FCC the authority to enforce network neutrality, but the FCC contends that the power to mandate Internet openness is implicit in other powers Congress has granted to the agency.
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Programming News: Say Goodbye to Servers: Parse Launches “Cloud Code”
Parse, a leading backend-as-a-Service mobile SDK provider, has launched a new service called Cloud Code making it possible for app developers to add custom backend code that is easily accessible by any client (iOS, Android, HTML5, or via the REST API) without servers.
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Other News: Verizon says yes to FaceTime, but no to unlimited data
AT&T kickstarted some controversy last month when it announced that customers would have to switch to one of its Shared data plans to utilize iOS 6′s new FaceTime over Cellular feature. But it looks like if this is a deal-breaker for you, you can head over to Verizon. The carrier has just confirmed that FaceTime over Cellular will work with any of its available data plans…
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