In the News: 2012-10-06

Written on:October 6, 2012
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Apple News: Apple extends iCloud storage upgrade for MobileMe subscribers
When Apple unveiled iCloud on June 6, 2011, and announced they’d be shutting down MobileMe, they handed subscribers a complimentary upgrade beyond the 5GB default that iCloud offers for free. That storage upgrade was set to expire on September 30th of this year, but Apple has announced it’ll be extended until September 30th, 2013.
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Technology News: ‘Do not track’ Internet spat risks legislative crackdown
The White House wants a “Do Not Track” option put on websites to give consumers greater control of their personal information online but Internet companies and privacy groups are at odds on how tight the controls should be. The stalemate could lead to a legislative crackdown on Internet privacy if left unresolved.
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Programming News: Architexa – a Fine Code Reading Tool
I love reading code. For two reasons, – If the code is bad, it is an awesome ego boost PLUS you get to foul mouth someone who has a good reputation for designing amazing things. – If the code is good, then you get to learn some new tricks and some cool patterns yet to be published anywhere
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Photography News: Photographic Tributes
Rather than having the latest aluminum cased device adorning their landing page, one year ago consisted solely of the image below; and it remained that way for an entire month. Of course, it was in tribute to Apple’s founder who had just passed away. Purportedly, this photograph, made by Albert Watson, was Jobs’s favorite and was shot on medium format film. I hadn’t yet read Walter Isaacson’s excellent biography on Jobs and had very little knowledge of the man; this image, however, intrigued me.
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