In the News: 2013-01-05

Written on:January 5, 2013
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Apple News: Burglary at Microsoft research campus, only iPads taken; No Microsoft products reported stolen
“A report popped up yesterday that Microsoft communicated to police earlier this week that there had been a burglary in one of the buildings on its campus in Mountain View, California,” Cody Lee reports for iDownload Blog. “The thief, or thieves, broke into 3 offices in Building 5 on the campus between December 19 and 26, when most folks were gone for the holidays.”
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Technology News: Toyota and Audi To Unveil their Driverless-Cars Next Week a CES
Given that California recently became the third state in the US to legalize driverless cars, it should come as no surprise that automakers are attempting to jockey for the lead in what promises to be a tight race into an emerging driverless car market. And although we haven’t seen them perform yet, we do know that our two new entries have one thing: style.
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Programming News: JavaScript is the new Perl
I don’t think we will see a “winner” of the browser-language wars any time soon, but there will be a winner. JavaScript hype is still through the roof, and with the discovery of a dynamic language in the browser actually works decently between late browsers, people are thoroughly excited; however, I’d akin this to people discovering Perl during the advent of C and C++. Does it work? Yes. Is it pretty? Not by a long shot.
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Photography News: Texture Photography Effects
Have you ever planned out a photo walk, only for it to be spoiled by less-than-optimal conditions? In this video, Gavin Hoey explains how to come up with a great photograph by creating one with the use of textured images layered over an otherwise boring photo.
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