In the News: 2013-01-19

Written on:January 19, 2013
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Apple News: A trip down memory lane: The Apple Lisa and Apple IIe turn 30
The original Lisa was introduced at an Apple shareholder meeting on January 19, 1983. It had been in development since the late 1970s, and Steve Jobs was forced out of the Lisa team just before its launch in 1983. Apple claimed it was an acronym: Local Integrated System Architecture, but the lore is that the machine was really named after Jobs’ first daughter. Perched atop the machine is the ProFile 5MB hard drive.
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Technology News: Your Database Is Probably Terrible
Databases aren’t sexy, but they’re the absolute foundation of the tech world, the ground on which all of its edifices are constructed. You probably use a hundred every day. At least. They’re like the Spice in Dune: “S/he who controls the database, controls the universe!” Well, don’t look now, but that universe is beginning to quake.
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Programming News: Google’s JavaScript assassin: Web languages are harder than VMs
The problem with programming languages is that everybody’s got an opinion – just ask Lars Bak, the Virtual Machine guru who is building Google’s planned (by Google at least) replacement for JavaScript. The Danish programmer joined Google in 2004 and began work on V8 in 2006 with Google software engineer Kasper Lund, but it was in 2010 that he started Dart – a class-based language inspired by SmallTalk, Java and C++ and supposed to be faster than JavaScript. Google’s objective is that Dart will eventually replace JavaScript as the “lingua franca” of web development.
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Photography News: The Lenskirt – It’s Not Just For Time Lapse
I recently had the chance to shoot some stills and time-lapse from the City Center in Las Vegas. To make shooting through the double glass windows easier we used Lenskirts. The LENSKIRT is a portable, flexible hood which you attach to the end of your camera lens. It allows you to shoot pictures / video through glass without internal environmental reflections such as yourself, room lights, camera flashes, light leak from under a door. This makes it the ideal tool for shooting time-lapse or video from behind glass.
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