In the News: 2013-02-13

Written on:February 13, 2013
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Apple News: Here’s How Many Jobs Apple Will Bring To The U.S. To Make Macs
Apple got a shout out during last night’s State of the Union for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. At the end of last year, CEO Tim Cook said Apple plans to invest $100 million in domestic manufacturing to produce some Macs here.
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Technology News: Future Trends And Prospects In Cloud Technology – Year 2013
In the domain of technology, the saying is, “the technology changes, the industry survives,” but predicting how the particular technology will progress within a given time-frame is a bit tricky. It is only the projection, based on certain researches and studies, that can provide meaningful trends or clues about the progress of that particular technology. The trend of usage and adaptability of cloud technology has been increasing for many years and is expected to keep increasing for many years to come.
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Programming News: The WebKit culture & web rendering engine diversity
The web. Diversity. Options and competition. Today Opera announced that they’re moving from their own web rendering engine, Presto, to WebKit, and it’s described more technically in Opera’s Developer Relations blog, where it’s made clear they will also use the V8 JavaScript engine. I thought I’d express my thoughts on this – what it means and what I’m afraid developers erroneously will believe it means. While I work for Mozilla, who does the Firefox web browser, these are my opinions on the topic, and I’d have them no matter who I’d work for.
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Photography News: Look At The World’s Greatest Skylines Without Any Lights On
When we envision the world’s greatest cities–from San Francisco to Sao Paulo to Paris to Tokyo–we usually picture bridges and towers and cathedrals: the built environments that have left lasting impressions on our mind’s eyes. The irony being that those skylines have been in place for at most a century or two; the sky above has looked the same for millions of years.
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