In the News: 2013-02-25

Written on:February 25, 2013
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Apple News: Durability Will Be Apple’s Biggest Challenge to Making a Curved iWatch
The curved display that wraps around your wrist is the coolest thing about the revolutionary smartwatch we all know Apple is building, but it’s one of the easiest parts of the project. The far bigger challenge to building the gadget outlined in a patent that surfaced last week is making it durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear.
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Technology News: The Promise and Peril of the ‘Data-Driven Society’
A small group of academics, business executives and journalists gathered at the M.I.T. Media Lab last Thursday, and the purpose was to toss out ideas and discuss the concept of “Data-Driven Societies.” A daunting topic, ambitious and vague at once, it seems. Up to now, the focus on the power and implications of Big Data technology has been involved social media, business decision-making and online privacy. Those are big subjects in their own right. So it’s not surprising that the notion of a data-driven society has not been much considered.
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Programming News: CoffeeScript 1.5.0 adds “Literate Programming” mode
The latest version of CoffeeScript, version 1.5.0, has added a new “literate” mode to the language to allow developers to create Markdown documents which are also executable. CoffeeScript is a small language which compiles into JavaScript while trying to expose the better nature of JavaScript.
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Photography News: Perhaps It’s About The Limitations
I once heard the great landscape photographer John Shaw say “The difference between a pro and an amateur is the pro knows what NOT to include in the composition.” I pondered that and realized that there’s some Zen to photography. I know that many times it’s the limitations in photography that we need to become more comfortable with. Our inclination as humans and as photographers is to ADD SOMETHING. But what if we realized that it’s all about TAKING SOMETHING AWAY?
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