In the News: 2013-04-03

Written on:April 3, 2013
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Apple News: Snow Leopard Remains the Most Popular Version of OS X
A new study of Mac OS X web traffic shows that Snow Leopard is still the leading version of OS X as of March fourteenth 2013. The stats breakdown to Mountain Lion sitting at 28%, Lion at 27% and Snow leopard as the leader at 35%. The Chitika study also states that the fragmentation of Mac OS X into three camps makes it difficult for developers that need to create software for three different OS versions. This will get more complicated with the release of Mac OS X 10.9 due to arrive this fall.
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Technology News: Why Mobile Commerce Is Set To Explode
Shoppers carry mobile devices everywhere they go, and they’re already using their phones to redeem coupons, research products, and pay for things online and offline. And with mobile, it’s now feasible to track an individual from the very first intention to shop for an item, to the actual purchase at point-of-sale.
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Programming News: Immutability in Ruby Part 2: Domain Models
What does the concept immutable data mean from a Ruby programmer’s perspective? How is immutability supported in Ruby, and why should you care? This is the second part of the two part article based on a little talk I did at the March 2013 meetup of the Helsinki Ruby Brigade.
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Photography News: When to Use a Remote or Shutter Release
When making a long exposure, it’s really easy to keep the shutter open for a lengthy time period. This might be because you want to shoot in lower light or to pull off an exposure which stretches time out a bit. In either case, the chance of seeing streaking is increased.
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