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Written on:May 18, 2013
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Apple News: How devoted are Apple users to the Apple ecosystem?
According to a Forrester survey released this week, the vast majority of computer users (85% worldwide, 88% in the U.S.) have little or no loyalty to a particular mobile computing ecosystem – the nexus of devices, software, services and sheer muscle memory that tie a user to one vendor or another. Among those users who show any loyalty at all, Apple (AAPL) dominates. No big surprise there. What is a little surprising – or at least new – is what that loyalty looks like when measured quantitatively and served up in pie charts like the one above.
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Technology News: Web 2.0 Business Technology: Social Media and eLearning
As business needs change, there is a rising demand for technological advancement. Today, internet based communication tools provide essential operation and marketing solutions. Therefore, the first step to ensuring success in future endeavors is to accept new business technology. Web 2.0 describes how the types of tools people use for internet based communication are in their second generation.
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Programming News: Building an App Using the Personal Cloud Application Architecture
The personal cloud application architecture is a post-Web 2.0 programming model that separates users data from application logic and application data. This post explains how to build PCAA-style applications by converting a simple, JavaScript-based TODO list application into one that stores user data in the user’s personal cloud.
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Photography News: Vulture Equipment Works A4 Camera/Equipment Strap
You might be wondering why I’m about to spend so many words on a review for a camera strap. Some of you are perfectly content to use the small strap the manufacturer tosses in the box or pick up a slightly better one at your local camera store. Well, let me bring up an old adage… “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
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