In the News: 2013-05-23

Written on:May 23, 2013
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Apple News: Rumor: Cheaper iPhone is being tested in a plethora of colors, will be produced July-September
Japanese Blog Macotakara purports to have some interesting details on the plastic ‘low cost’ iPhone Apple is expected to release later this year. The site says that runs of colors Navy, Gold Orange, White and Gray are in one run of the device and White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow-orange are in another. There is no black model according to the report.
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Technology News: 12 Disruptive Technologies That Are Changing The World
It’s hard to predict exactly what technologies and trends will transform our lives. Few understood just how powerful the Internet would be, dismantling entire industries and creating millions of jobs. So what’s the next big thing? Where will the jobs be, and how can companies carve out a competitive advantage in the global economy?
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Programming News: Excel and SQL
Data can be very valuable, and storing it in Excel is a great way to risk making it worthless. Your file can get deleted, become unusably slow, or subtly accumulate errors. If you decide to keep a lot of important data in a spreadsheet, there’s a good chance you’ll come to regret it.
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Photography News: More On The Changes At Flickr (Nothing To Do With CEO’s Pro Photographer Comment)
Lost in the shuffle of the PR flub by Yahoo’s CEO about pro photographers, was a real discussion on the significant changes to Flickr’s pro accounts. The CEO’s comments about pro photographers skewed the conversation. But now that I’ve had time to dissect what really went on (of substance) there are things to ponder.
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