In the News: 2013-05-27

Written on:May 27, 2013
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Apple News: Fahrensius Is An Ultra-Simple Weather App For Your Mac’s Menubar
Farensius is a simple menubar app for your Mac which will let you know what the weather is doing outside, should you be too busy to turn your head and steal an unproductive glance through the nearest window. You get a little icon showing you the type of weather you’ll find beyond the confines of your office, and a temperature in – yes – ˚F or ˚C.
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Technology News: Infographic: How Technology in Schools Has Changed Over Time
Can you imagine attending a school where whiteboards weren’t used,there were no handheld calculators, and headphones weren’t available? Travel back in time about 50–60 years, and that’s exactly what you’d get. This infographic takes a look at the changes of technology in school settings from the early 1900′s to present day.
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Programming News: JavaScript: The Important Parts
I came to the JavaScript party much later than some of my colleagues but much earlier than most. I was told the best resource was Douglas Crockford’s book ‘JavaScript: The Good Parts’ and was not disappointed. The book is thin and contains a minimal set of information needed to get you in a good state with JavaScript. While reading through it however I still found much of the book to be information I was already aware of, either with JavaScript syntax or basic programming concepts, and so I extracted those bits of knowledge that were most impactful against my existing knowledge level going in. Here is that list.
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Photography News: How To Fight Back Against The War On Photography
Since the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, the United States seems to have lost its collective mind when it comes to security and photography. You’d think that people knocked the towers down by throwing camera phones at them. Despite the fact that there’s never been a shred of actual evidence linking photography to that or any other terrorist event, idiots, jerks, power-hungry fools and other mindless jackasses continue to pick on photography and photographers as if that will magically solve all of our security problems.
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