In the News: 2013-06-01

Written on:June 1, 2013
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Apple News: Could This Beautiful Design Concept Be the iPhone 5S?
It won’t be long until we’re likely to get our first look at Apple iOS 7 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starting June 10. But after that, Apple’s going to have to do something spectacular with its alleged iPhone 5S to keep up with smartphone juggernauts such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. iPhone speculators have lately been focusing on the possibility of a security-enhancing fingerprint scanner built into the next iPhone, and who better to visualize this than our favorite conceptual artist of all things iPhone, Federico Ciccarese?
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Technology News: Dealing with data after death ain’t easy. Here’s why
If you want to know what happens to your online data after your death, you won’t get a clear answer. At the moment, it depends — on various companies’ terms of service, the state you live in and whether you’ve given another person access to your data — even though the data can have plenty of value, lawyer Stephen Wu pointed out at UC Berkeley’s DataEDGE conference on Friday. First, Wu showed how, at least in California, digital data could be viewed as property just like physical property that an executor of a will should be able to obtain with a court order. “‘Property’ means anything that may be the subject of ownership and includes both real and personal property and any interest therein,” California probate code states.
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Programming News: On Ruby modules and concerns
Modules are useful for highly specialized code that can be injected into other classes for fun and profit or for creating Namespaces. An interesting approach is to use modules as an alternative to classical inheritance (without its the usual trade-offs) : the core idea is to share an abstracted role that can be included in a set of different classes.
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Photography News: How to Properly Use A Tripod
A lot of you have likely invested in a tripod… that’s the good news. Now let’s make sure you’re getting the most benefit from using it. Here are a few practical tips to get the results you want.
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