In the News: 2013-06-13

Written on:June 13, 2013
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Apple News: Apple reveals actual Steve Jobs ebook email (and it’s not what the DoJ used)
The “smoking gun” email the Department of Justice has cited as evidence of Apple’s conspiracy with publishers to artificially hike ebook pricing was, in fact, only an unsent draft by Steve Jobs, the Cupertino firm’s legal team has revealed. The DoJ had highlighted the email, from Jobs to SVP Eddy Cue, as a sign that Apple would pressure publishers to force Amazon into shifting to the so-called agency model of ebook pricing, which would result in more expensive downloads and, consequently, more money for the iBookstore. However, Apple revealed that the actual email Jobs sent to Cue was far less dramatic.
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Technology News: Voice activated technology is called safety risk for drivers
As concerns have intensified about driver distraction from electronic gadgets, automakers have increasingly introduced voice-activated systems that allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. But a new study says that the most advanced of these systems actually create a different, and worse, safety risk, by taking a driver’s mind, if not eyes, off the road. These systems let drivers use voice commands to dictate a text, send an email and even update a Facebook page. Automakers say the systems not only address safety concerns, but also cater to consumers who increasingly want to stay connected on the Internet while driving.
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Programming News: Beyond the default Rails environments
Rails ships with a default configuration for the three most common environments that all applications need: test, development, and production. That’s a great start, and for smaller apps, probably enough too. But for Basecamp, we have another three, Beta, Staging and Rollout.
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Photography News: Want great shots? Make sure you have at least one prime lens.
When you bought your first DSLR, it likely came with a zoom lens. This style of lens makes it easy to get a wider range of coverage with just a quick turn of the wrist. Many prefer this flexibility versus having to actually move their feet to get the shot. So why go “old school” and choose a prime lens that only offers a single focal length? It’s all about aperture. Here are a few reasons to consider …
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