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Written on:June 19, 2013
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Apple News: Apple wins $30 million iPad contract from LA school district
The second-largest school system in the U.S., the L.A. Unified School District, has awarded Apple with a $30 million contract to provide iPads to every student it serves. The deal was approved by the district’s board in a unanimous vote on Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. The district will pay $678 per device, and the iPads will come preloaded with educational software. Members of the board characterized the deal is one of the “most high-profile contracts” they will ever approve, declaring it “as big as they come.” With the board’s approval, the iPad will be used by students at 47 campuses in the L.A. Unified School District. The board opted to choose Apple as the sole vendor after students and teachers rated the iPad as the highest quality tablet available on the market.
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Technology News: Smartphones and the rise of child accidents
The problem with much mobile technology is that it’s not really designed to be used while you’re actually mobile – or at least, not if being mobile demands that you concentrate on something other than your mobile technology. Like driving, for example. There’s a reason why the use of handheld devices behind the wheel is banned in the UK: research shows the response time of a driver using a smartphone to access social media, emails or texts slows by around 37.5% (far more than after marijuana or moderate alcohol use). But we’re not very good at using mobile technology while walking, either. YouTube has armies of unsuspecting texters slamming into doors, colliding with lampposts, tumbling down stairs or tripping into fountains.
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Programming News: How do I benchmark Ruby code?
So you’ve got some Ruby code and you want to make it faster. Maybe you’ve already got a new implementation in mind, or maybe you’re still cooking that up. But how do you make certain that your new implementation is faster? Science, of course! Ruby’s standard library comes with a benchmarking library fit for measuring the execution time of your Ruby code. The Benchmark module offers several different ways for you to benchmark your code. I’ll take you through the different options and their use cases.
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Photography News: Landscape Photography: Short History and Tips
Rolling hills covered in long blades of green grass that bend with the wind stretch out beyond the horizon, a river eases itself between them and empties into a small lake… Words provide a description, but a great landscape photograph brings the image to life with all the energy, vibrancy and awe of being there. Landscapes have captivated and fascinated artists for centuries and now, and thanks to the relative affordability and portability of digital photography, just about anyone can capture nature’s beauty and create a masterpiece.
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