In the News: 2013-06-20

Written on:June 20, 2013
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Apple News: Google, Amazon ask to shield sales in Apple ebook trial; judge says issues have “shifted”
Apple and the Justice Department will make closing arguments on Thursday in a closely-watched trial over whether the retail giant brokered an illegal conspiracy with publishers to fix the price of ebooks. The case has provided more drama than expected, with nostalgic discussions of Steve Jobs and a concession on Wednesday by US District Judge Denise that the issues have “somewhat shifted” during the trial and that “things change.” Cote had earlier raised eyebrows during a pre-trial hearing when she said her “tentative view” was that the government would prove an illegal conspiracy.
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Technology News: This is what the world will look like in 2045
“It’s not so hard to predict the future, but it’s sometimes hard to connect the dots.” In the opening of his lecture to the Global Futures 2045 Congress, famed geneticist Dr. George Church neatly summed up what being a futurist is all about, though he was reminding the audience rather than the other speakers assembled at Alice Tully Hall in New York City this past weekend. Gathered there by a young Russian tech tycoon on a mission to do nothing less than achieve immortality through technology, a who’s-who of renowned technologists, scientists, futurists, and entrepreneurs painted a sometimes terrifying, sometimes electrifying picture of what the world is going to look like in the decades to come, describing how technology is going to drastically alter economies, biologies, and perhaps even consciousness itself.
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Programming News: You use PHP because you don’t know better
My typical response when asked to defend a given offhand, derogatory comment I’ve just made about PHP is to cite the most excellent PHP is a fractal of bad design. But, spurred, by the numerous comments hating on me for hating on PHP on this Portugese translation of my PHP vs Python vs Ruby vs Clojure piece (which, to be fair, is emphatically biased), I’m going to go ahead and let the hate out now, as one big rant, so that I have something to refer to in the future (even though I bet I’ll find it embarrassing and childish then). PHP, as a programming language, is the worst language among all the languages I know how to program in. I have written and deployed code in PHP, C, Python, Java, Clojure, Coffeescript and Javascript, and dabbled in many others. PHP is, by a wide margin, the least consistent, most error-prone, worst-designed language of any I know.
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Photography News: Does Your Camera Define You?
I see the folks in the camera forums take sides all day long. “Canon is better than Nikon,” one guy says. The other says, “Nope Nikon is better than Canon.” Then it gets even more granular. “The D600 is better than the D7100,” one guy says. The other says, “Nope other way around.” Some people go so far as to use screen names like “NikonShooter” or “CanonShooter.” As I watch this back and forth I came to realize that much of my career I have been camera agnostic.
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