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Written on:July 6, 2013
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Apple News: Is Apple’s magic wand ‘the simplest interface’ that Steve Jobs envisioned for iTV?
As Tim Cook & Co. continue “pulling the string” on the TV space, readers with a keen interest in Apple’s many patent applications are aware of a 2009 filing involving a wand remote of sorts that may include a motion detection component meant for the television interface. Last June, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) granted that patent. And just last month, another major wand-related patent surfaced in USPTO’s database that could be the magic required to make the TV experience “just work.” It outlines a remote control containing fingerprint sensors, theoretically enabling identity and trust in order to authenticate viewers securely and deliver personalized content. It’s especially noteworthy in the context of the rumored fingerprint scanning thought to be the killer feature of the upcoming iPhone 5S…
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Technology News: Vehicles’ technology out of sync with drivers
Chris Knox braces for frustration every time he steps into his new Ford F–150 truck. Mechanically, the pickup is perfect. But the MyFord Touch communication and entertainment system constantly seizes up as Knox tries to make hands-free calls from his iPhone 5. “Sometimes it works for two weeks, and then I get into the truck and it just stops,” said the Torrance, Calif., driver’s education teacher. “I am constantly doing the master reset on the system.”
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Programming News: Modular HTML components with RequireJS
RequireJS is great, and if you are using or planning on using RequireJS for managing JavaScript then you’ll really notice the benefits. However one of the trickier parts of RequireJS greatness is finding a way to organise JavaScript modules across multiple pages and on a more granular level, multiple HTML modules on those pages. This post won’t be an intro to what AMD modules are, or even a RequireJS tutorial, as a basic understanding of AMD and RequireJS is assumed but I will break some of the concepts down where necessary.
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Photography News: Some Subjects Look Better In Black & White Than Others
I love black and white prints. I still make them using digital processes. I shot mostly black and white film back in the days when I did shoot film. But for me, not every subject lends itself to being photographed in black and white, i.e., rainbows, fireworks, etc. When you’re shooting things that are very colorful, or when color is the main subject, you might want to stay away from black and white. On the other hand, there are some things that almost always look good in black and white to me. One of those is architecture. This series of shots was made in San Francisco. I shot with black and white prints in mind. I looked for repeating themes, iteration, sharp angles, interesting geometric patterns and I shot when the light was fairly high in the sky. I wanted deep contrast.
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