In the News: 2013-07-20

Written on:July 20, 2013
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Apple News: Apple Acquires Transit Service HopStop To Further Improve Its Maps App
Apple has acquired transit service to improve its mapping service, reports Bloomberg. News of the deal comes just hours after the reported purchase of Locationary, a company that focuses on location crowdsourcing.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) agreed to buy online transit-navigation service Inc., people with knowledge of the deal said, seeking to improve mapping tools after a rocky debut for its directions software last year.

Apple has confirmed the acquisition in a statement to AllThingsD, but declined to comment further: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”
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Technology News: How Social Networks Drive Technology Forward
It often seems like we live in a cursed age. All of the major economies have hit hard economic times, atmospheric carbon is the highest in recorded history and the spectre of terrorism looms over everything. Still, even as our problems appear to be unprecedentedly large, we seem to be able to muster the power to solve them. Foreign Policy magazine proclaimed the first 10 years of the 21st century to be the best decade ever. Global incomes are rising, while poverty is falling and has been for decades, emissions in the US are dropping and even violence is on a downward trend. So what gives? In each generation we seem to face almost insurmountable hurdles, but we emerge living longer, richer, cleaner, healthier lives. The answer, obviously, is that we are able to create solutions faster, through technology and innovation, than problems emerge. The story of how we do that is probably not what you’d think, but it’s inspiring nonetheless.
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Programming News: Yes, JavaScript is a Lisp
Some people will tell you that JavaScript isn’t Scheme. Of course it isn’t: Scheme is Scheme, JavaScript is JavaScript. There are excellent reasons why JavaScript is nothing like Scheme. Pretty much everything that makes Scheme Scheme is nowhere to be found in JavaScript. One of the fundamental ideas in Scheme is to be minimal and elegant to the point of pain. In early Schemes, there was no real block scoping. You had to create block scopes using let as you do today, but let was implemented as a macro that acted a lot like JavaScript’s Immediately Invoked Function Expression idiom. Likewise, the Scheme standard mandates Tail Call Optimization because the philosophy of the language is that if you have recursion, you don’t need loops. And there is no real exception system because if you have continuations, you can make pretty-much anything you want for yourself.
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Photography News: Why Do Photographers Fail?
I apologize in advance for this lengthy post. It may be too ethereal for some of you. But when I get the urge to write these sorts of posts, I’ve learned to just go ahead and let it rip. I usually get feedback later on that someone has been helped and that is always my goal. I’ve been studying (almost from the standpoint of an anthropologist) why photographers fail. Why? Because I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to helping photographers improve. But there are some who just can’t make the cut. And I wanted to know why. While I am not in a position to write a white paper on the subject, I do have a few ideas that I’d like to share.
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