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Written on:June 3, 2014
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Apple News: Apple Teases Consumers, Doubles Down With Devs
Apple managed to pull off a mean feat on Monday at its WorldWide Developers Conference. Without announcing a single hardware device, it teased consumers with dozens of updated features in iOS 8 and the next version of Mac OS X – dubbed “Yosemite” – then doubled-down with app developers by offering tons of new APIs, along with elements of deep integration between apps and devices. The company capped it all off with the announcement of Swift, a brand new Xcode programming language for developers. Everybody got a taste of something tantalizing.
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Technology News: Four ways Apple predicted its future at WWDC
Apple Inc. is the world’s most valuable consumer hardware company, so it’s not out of line to imagine a major address to the developer community might introduce some new gear. Which is why the Tuesday Worldwide Developer Conference keynote by CEO Tim Cook, senior vice-president of software engineering Craig Federighi and a couple of strangers was remarkable on a number of levels. Here are the big takeaways from the two-hour press conference.
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Programming News: Apple Releases Swift, a High-performance High-level Language for iOS and OSX
Today at WWDC 2014, Apple announced the beta availability of a new programming language, Swift, which is set to ship with iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite later this year. Swift is a high-level programming language that will be familiar to JavaScript developers, but is compiled using LLVM to produce highly performant executable code for both OSX and iOS platforms. Apple has heavily invested in LLVM technologies, which provide an abstract instruction set that can be translated for specific architectures. Clang replaced GCC as the compiler of choice for C and Objective-C programs, and both of those are translated with Clang into LLVM instructions, which are then optimised into an executable for the platform. The new programming language, Swift, produces LLVM bytecode in the same way and can co-exist with existing Objective-C applications and libraries.
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Photography News: If I Had $1,000-ish To Spend on Improving My Landscape Photography, I’d Get…
Hey there! Matt Kloskowski here today with an unofficial guest post. See, a while back, Scott wrote an article here on his blog called If I had $1000 to Spend on Improving My Portrait Photography, I’d Get… Well, I was talking to him later that day and he asked if I had read the blog post. I said “Heck yeah, and I wish I had thought of it first” :-) So he said I should write one for landscape photography as a guest post here. First, as Scott mentioned in his original post, this is a question we get a lot. It may not be exactly $1000, but it usually around there. It may be $1200, or $800 but it’s in the ballpark. Also, I’m going to assume you have a camera body and lenses already (we’ll talk more about lenses at the end though). Either one of those will immediately eat up our $1000, and then some. Finally, I really tried to give some thought to the title of this post that Scott started. The key word I noticed was “Improve”. So I tried not to just go through my camera bag and list every piece of gear. Rather, I tried to really add things that I think can actually improve your photography. Ready? Here goes …
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