A New Beginning

I decided a few days ago to change the focus and content of my website. Since the start of 2012 I have published each day an entry outing what I found newsworthy. After about 1200+ posting, I came to the conclusion that I needed a change. The result is this new layout with the focus on Photography, more precise – My Photography.

During the summer of 2012 decided to take up my old hobby of photography. The reason was that I came to the conclusion that there is more to life then just working. During my 25+ years of business related travels, 2+ million (real) air miles, I took a lot of pictures. However, most were taken with point and shoot cameras. Since retiring for my active travel in 2006, the only pictures I took were those during family get-togethers. It was time to get back to the type of photography I enjoyed during my teenage days.

I was very fortunate in my early teen days to get introduced to photography, not just the picture taking part, but also the developing process of it, granted it was only black and white. It became clear that my P&S camera would not satisfy my needs to get back into photography. So my first step was to upgrade my Lumix DMC-ZS7 to a Sony SLT A65.

Since then I have taken many photos, enjoying and exploring the art behind it. In 2013 I took up Project 365, taken at least a picture a day. I have started the same this year, with a few of my colleagues joining me. I will use this website to publish my daily photos (galleries) that are part of Project 365, as well as blog postings about what I learned about photography and any other topic relevant to that subject.

I hope you will enjoy the new focus of Klaus’ Korner.