Switching to Slickr Flickr

When I committed at the start of 2013 to Project 365 I decided to store all my photos on Flickr instead on my server. To included them in my posts and albums I selected Flickr Gallery plug-in, it was nothing spectacular, but did what I needed. I took a break from Project 365 in 2014, and started back up this year. At was at that time that I noticed that the Flickr Gallery plug-in caused some problems as a result of not having been maintained since 2013.

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Project 365 Update

This summer has been rather busy with much personal and professional activities which resulted in me not having time to do my daily Project 365 postings. However, this does not mean I did not take photos each day, I just ran out of time for the details required to do the posting. I did however upload my daily photos onto Flickr since it is my second step of my workflow after uploading them into Photos on my Mac.
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