Switching to Slickr Flickr

When I committed at the start of 2013 to Project 365 I decided to store all my photos on Flickr instead on my server. To included them in my posts and albums I selected Flickr Gallery plug-in, it was nothing spectacular, but did what I needed. I took a break from Project 365 in 2014, and started back up this year. At was at that time that I noticed that the Flickr Gallery plug-in caused some problems as a result of not having been maintained since 2013.

After some searching I decided in April to change KlausKorner, see my A New Beginning and New Format and Content postings.

I switched to the Photocrati theme because it is designed for photographers and includes a built-in gallery. During the initial test drive I also decided to add the NextGEN Gallery Plus because it offered some additional features to the included Photocrati Gallery. To utilize the features I did needed to upload my photos instead of linking to my Flickr account. I was not to worried about the extra step of importing the selected photos for the project.

My work flow consisted out of the following steps:

  • Upload photos from SD card to external NAS Drive
  • Import photos to Aperture, now replaced by Photos
  • Select photos for Project 365
  • Add titles and description to photos
  • Export selected photos to external NAS Drive
  • Import photos as album to NextGEN Plus
  • Add NextGEN shortcode to blog entry and Album page
  • I also upload the photos to my Flickr monthly album

Every thing worked fine until Photocrati Media send out an update to NextGEN Gallery Plus. Suddenly the titles and descriptions no longer where imported. First I thought it was a Photos issue, but checking the Flickr upload showed that both were exported correctly.

I contacted NextGEN support and was asked to disable all plug-ins and use the default WordPress theme to eliminate third-party influences. After reporting that the problem still existed they asked for access to my system, which I provided. After two days of checking things out, the support person reported back that she was unable to find out what caused the problem. I was told that she will consult with the development staff to figure out the problem and that I needed to leave the access open so that they could take a closer look.

To make a long story short, they never access the system again, nor reported back. Adding the titles and descriptions as separate step became too much, so I stopped creating Project 365 blog and album entries. Since then two NextGEN Gallery updates were issued none fixing the problem. I finally decided to part with NextGEN Gallery Plus and instead start looking for a better Flickr plug-in since all my photos were uploaded to it.

This brings me to Slickr Flickr. After some testing of a number poplar Flickr plug-ins I choose Slickr Flickr and even upgraded to the Pro version. Slickr Flickr allows me to display photos either as a gallery, a galleria or a unbranded slide show in posts, pages, and sidebar widgets. For more information visit the Flickr WordPress plugin web page.