Photosets taken over the weekend – Project 365

Because of my trip to the High Desert for the long weekend I just now got the photos uploaded to Flickr. Instead of creating a number of six separate entries I created this single posting with slideshows for each of the six days. The photos are also part of the September Album page. Enjoy!

2015-09-03 (Day 246) #Project365

Three times a week these young kids practice football at the school behind our backyard. Maybe one of them will be a future NFL star.

2015-09-04 (Day 247) #Project365

This house has been in the San Joaquin River for some years now, it can be seen from the start of A Street. I wonder if someone lives on it? There is even a small sailboat anchored beside it.

2015-09-05 (Day 248) #Project365

Spend the Labour Day weekend in the High-Desert, also known as Mojave Desert. There are so many powerlines around Victorville, I decided to capture the some of the lines.

2015-09-06 (Day 249) #Project365

It was another hot day in the Mojave Desert which is best spend indooors. These clouds got my attention, there were not to many, most of them towards the North.

2015-09-07 (Day 250) #Project365

The first time this weekend we got a clear view of the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains. This set was taken in the morning looking South towards the Angles National Forrest. There are also two addtional photos of the Joshua trees that are all around here in the desert.

2015-09-08 (Day 251) #Project365

The heat has followed us home from the desert, the next 5 days are to be 104F (40C) PLUS! I quick trip downtown to take this shoots of the railway that separates downtown from the San Joaquin River front.