Photosets taken 2015-09-10/14 – Project 365

Last five days were very busy and the first three of those days we had temperatures around 104F, preventing me from post each set separately. Therefore, here are the sets of photos taken during those five days as part of Project 365. The photos are also contained within the September Album page. Enjoy!

2015-09-10 (Day 253) Tropical Clouds & Sunrise

Another day of 100+ temperature thanks to the tropical clouds having moved in. The good part of it, we can catch some colorful clouds.

2015-09-11 (Day 254) More Clouds with Sunrise

It is not over, another day of 100+ temperature with more tropical clouds this morning providing even more colorful sky.

2015-09-12 (Day 255) Sailboats and Windmills

No cloud photos today due a heavy overcasted gray sky. Crossed over the bridge in to the Delta. Catching some sailboats and windmills on the way to Vacaville. 

2015-09-13 (Day 256) More Clouds and no Sun

Second day without sunshine. The sky is not as overacted as yesterday however the sun did not break through the cloud cover as these photos show.

2015-09-14 (Day 257) Outdoor School Activity

Cool and pleasant day today, notice the school had their students out doing some frisby throwing, so I took some phots of it.