Personal Update

You may have noticed that my last blog entry was October 1st; you may also have noticed that staring with the next day my Project 365 photos were all taken around UCSF’s Medical Center. The reason for my lack of blogging was due to a family emergence that required me and my wife to drive to UCSF’s MC each day for the next two weeks to be with our daughter. As you can tell from the Project 365 Album pages I was able to take pictures but had not much time to blog.

Since our daughter has come home from the hospital I have taken on the ‘care giver’ function because I work from home, which prevented me from returning to my blogging. Things are improving, my daughter’s recover is low, requiring a follow-up surgery at the start of January. If everything goes as suggested she should recover quickly, as well as our family’s daily routine.

Not all is bad news, besides having been able to take daily photos and upload them, I have been able to learn more about using Linux on my laptop and its photo apps. I plan to blog about those in 2016.

That is it for a quick update. As mention I plan to get back to my more frequent blogging sometime in 2016. So stay tuned.