Back On-line

It has been almost a year since my last blog entry. The reason for it is (was) very simple, I got extremely busy with my real business, Illumonus. You may have read my blog entries about Business Semantic Interoperability and my idea about building a Business Semantic Thesaurus called LinguMatic, guess what? It is happening! The concept has been proven during an ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE Proof of Concept in which Illumonus played a major role.

Yes, the BST and LinguMatic have taken up most of my time this year, that has not stopped me from have taken hundreds of photos, I just did not had the time to put them up. I just got back from Germany (Braunschweig and Berlin) with even more great photos. I already started to put some of them up in the album section under In Germany (2016). I am working with adding the other nine (9) albums about Berlin over the next 2 weeks.

My plan is to have at least one blog entry each week for the rest of 2016. There are a number of topics I wanted to write about, for example an update to my Post-photographic Workflow articles, reflecting my switch to Linux. Having switched totally from MacOS to Linux, there are some other topics I like to cover, such as what computer and camera hardware I am using, what was involved to setup Ubuntu on my desktop and server. In addition, I plan to continue to blog about Business Semantics and Open-source. So stay tuned until next week.