Contra Loma Regional Park – Take 5

Day three for using my super wide-angle lens. Due to my time restrictions this week and the fog still hanging around, I took a chance and visited Contra Loma Regional Park, and was a bit in luck with the fog on its way out.

Since purchase of this lens I have had not many opportunities to use it. Now after three days I start seeing the potential for landscape compositions.

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At Big Break – Week 5

This week marks the start of using my zoom-lenses for leaning to understand their fields of view as well as comparing it against prime lenses with the same focal length. comparison. The last for weeks have been very useful in understanding what I see with my naked eyes vs that of the camera because of the various focal lengths. The first lens that I will be suing this week is my super-wide angle Tamron SP 10-24mm lens.

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Takeaways from Week Three

Week 3 was all about using my Minolta AF 50mm F/1.7 lens, which translates to a focal length of 75mm on my Sony SLT α77 with a APS-C sensor. This FL is not ideal for traditional landscape photography, however larger FL can offer a nice change of pace for contemporary landscape photography providing a narrow field of view.

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At San Francisco Mission Bay

Left today before sunrise for UCSF MC at San Francisco Mission Bay. Since I was not sure what time I would return, I took my camera with me. This set of photos is not about landscapes and nature photography, it is more about what one can see from the 6th floor of UCSF Medical Center. Soon even these views will be gone as construction of new and higher building has started all around.

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Down by the San Joaquin River – Take 4

Today was a better day for outdoor photography – no rain. The first photo is to the West showing the San Joaquin River towards Winter Island. Next one is to the North showing the bank of the Kimball Island. The third picture is a North-East shot of the waterway between Kimball and West Island. The last photo is to the East showing the Antioch Bridge over the River.

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Mount Diablo hiding in Fog

This set of photos is using the same scene as I did for Day 2, Day 9 and Day 16. However, this time the mountain is not visible because of the fog in the foothills. Looking at the earlier photos, comparing the trees in the middle of the photos allows the comparison to easily see the narrower Field of View (FoV) the 90mm (145mm FF) lens provides.

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