Takeaways from Week One

To recap, the purpose of this year’s project 365 is to improve my landscape photography. To do so the first step to to learn more about my lenses, to understand what they see, so that I can select the right lens for the vision I have about a particular scene.

Week one was to only take photos with my 35mm (52mm FF) lens as it is most comparable to what the human eye can see in its field of view. This focal length is perfect to convey scenes in an instantly recognizable way, keeping aspects looking true to life and solely focusing and drawing the viewer’s eye towards the background.

In the past I have mostly used one of my zoom lenses, so this week was a big change for me. Using a prime lens only kept things simpler; it pushed me to think about composition more.Instead of zooming in and out, now I am learning how to compose my pictures while looking through the lens. I take time to think about the composition and things I really wanna capture. I look at the lines, corners, shadows, movement.

I can’t say I mastered it completely, but I do think that some of the photos this week are very good. It might not always be technically accurate, but to me it’s all about the moment, action or stillness and the ambiance in the photo.

Starting tomorrow, for the next 7 days, I will be using my Minolta AF 24mm F/2.8 which is effectively a focal length of 36 mm for my APS-C sensor camera. The focal lengths at 35 mm or less are considered wide angle, so the focal length of these lenses are at the long end of the wide angle range. 35mm is most commonly used for group portraits, landscapes, and other general purposes. It will be an interesting week, so standby.