No colorful Sunrise, just Fog

This morning all that I saw was fog, eliminating the chance for catching another colorful sunrise. But true to taken pictures of the same scene as during the last two weeks Day 1 and Day 8, I waited until there was enough light to trying taken the four photos. Yes, there is a lot of gray in these photos, instead of the clouds and sunrise, but I do feel there are interesting photos to put up as they are more like Black and White ones.

All photos were taken with my Sony SLT α77 and Minolta AF 50mm F/1.7 lens, using Aperture mode, with a setting of f/8, White Balance set to cloudy, ISO to 400 and 3-shot bracketing with +/- 0.5 EV. No post-process adjustments were made to the photos.

This is the start of the third week which means to switch to another lens. Last week I used my 24mm (36mm FF) lens, this week it will exclusively be my 50mm (75mm FF) lens. The Minolta AF 50mm is one of the old standard fix-focal lenses by Minolta. On APS-C DSLRs such as the Sony SLT α65/77 its field of view is equivalent 75mm so it behaves more like a basic portrait lens here. This will give me a narrow field of view. You can compare this set of photos to those taken on Day 1 and Day 8.